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Rough and Rare Stones

Sugilite Gel slab

Sugilite Gel slab

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Sugilite rough SLAB  ~ please inquire for discounted payment options 

Incredible rare purple gel sugilite from the Wessels Mine in South Africa. 

This piece is estimated at 99% usable mater, this specimen slab weighs 96 carats, with cutting yield would be 20%. Estimated yield could be as low as 76 carats of finished material, though we expect significantly more. Finished gel sugilite of this consistent purple material yield $30 - $45 per carat. CURRENT PRICE CUT MATERIAL AGTA FEB 3rd, 2022 $40 per carat!!!!

Retail material yield for finished stones $2300 - $3420.


Slab in photo 

Weight - 96 carats 

Dimensions - 78mm x 29mm  x 5mm thick  

** For any questions please email prior to purchasing.

** the slab being sold in this listing is the piece on the left side of the photos and is illuminated from behind by a auxiliary light source to display translucency. In some of our photography we show the rare characteristic that sugilite presents of changing color appearance when exposed to different light sources. Some photographs are taken wet to show actual color of the material.

*** Due to the unique and rare nature of our items, please allow 2-4 weeks for their special handling and packaging ***

*** Please inquire for our bank wire and/or crypto currency prices ***

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