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We have spent decades wandering the earth, searching out beautiful and unusual treasures for the gemological community. Everyday we see new and spectacular things that turn even our heads. We hope you enjoy some of our beautiful finds!!!

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A Sneak Peak at some of Earth's magnificent colors

All Rough Stones

All Rough Stones

These remarkable stones are ready for you to enjoy in their natural... 

  • The Really Really Hard to Find!!

    Stuff you can’t find..

    We love sourcing from our old world contacts to seek out and procure stones that are really really rare. In todays world everyone is looking to be different. Our stones are truly unique!!!

  • The Time and Effort

    Some of our archives hold stones that have become extinct on the market. This is due to the fact that a limited amount was ever produced or discovered!!

  • Knowing the difference

    The Gem and Jewelry world is old, like really old. That being said the old guys in the business can tell you the best stories. However the old guys can also tell you about the best deals. It’s hard to stay on pace with the gem world but sometimes you don’t have to. Some deals will reverberate for a lifetime!

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