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Rough and Rare Stones

Gel Sugilite Rough - 3215 carats

Gel Sugilite Rough - 3215 carats

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Sugilite Rough 

Incredible rare purple gel sugilite from the Wessels Mine in South Africa. 

This piece is estimated at 95% usable mater, this specimen weighs 3215 carats, with cutting yield would be 25%. Yield 803 carats of finished material. Finished gel sugilite of this consistent purple material yield $20 - $35.

Retail material yield $16,060 - $28,105

Weight - 3215 carats 

Dimensions - 145mm x 75mm x 42mm 

*** Due to the unique and rare nature of our items, please allow 1-2 weeks for their special handling and packaging ***

*** Please inquire for our bank wire and/or crypto currency prices ***

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