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Rough and Rare Stones

Chrysoprase Rough - 1349 grams

Chrysoprase Rough - 1349 grams

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Chrysoprase Rough  ~ $5,700.00 ~ Contact us for payment options

High grade natural Chrysoprase rough from Marlborough mine Australia . 
Beautiful green color, and good translucency. It should make great cabs ! 
It is shown dry, backlit, and wet in different photos. 100% natural. Rare material!!! Old stock (purchased in 1974) is the purest material, with every other locality of chrysoprase you get fogginess and white tones with less and less clarity.

This piece is 1349 grams = 6745 carats 

Assuming 75% waste from cutting that leaves 1686 finished carats.

Gem top facet grade as this material is yield $20-$35 per carat in finished material. 

Thus retail yield of stone alone will be approx. $33,720-$59010.

Chrysoprase is the gem variety of that contains small amounts of nickel. Its color is normally apple green but can vary from lighter to darker green. Translucent stones in larger sizes are rare. Marlborough Green from Australia is a top choice for high end jadeite's top color and translucency, "Imperial," to "apple green," and can be very expensive with good clarity, translucency and color. Size and cut of cabochons also make price go higher. Often faked, mislabeled or treated in Asia. The famous Marlborough mines in Australia were completely exhausted by the 1970s' by high-end, luxury jewelers and in particular  Van Cleef & Arpels. Collector's and miners who pocketed some of the finest rough in the 1970s' on occasion release some amazing rough in the highest quality on to the market but it is expensive.

Chrysoprase - Stone of optimism; enhances happiness & creativity

Weight - 1349 grams 

Dimensions - 187mm x 104mm x 45mm  

*** Due to the unique and rare nature of our items, please allow 1-2 weeks for their special handling and packaging ***

*** Please inquire for our bank wire and/or crypto currency prices ***

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